Faulty Lights Require Intelligent Solutions

Faulty Lights Require Intelligent Solutions

Come to us for top-tier electrical services in Bismarck, Mandan or Beulah, ND

Flickering lights and broken outlets are annoying issues that you want resolved ASAP. Oztech Electric has 24/7 availability for emergency electrical repair services in Bismarck, Mandan & Beulah, ND. As soon as you call, we'll input your information to generate a free estimate based on labor and materials, schedule a time for your repairs and fix your system.

Are you stuck with a light that just won't turn on? Ask about our electrical services today.

A solution for every problem

Electrical problems can crop up for many different reasons, and each issue requires a unique approach. We use creative, inventive and safe solutions for:

  • Breakers that trip repeatedly
  • Lights that flicker or won’t turn on
  • AC units or outlets that don’t have power

Applying our broad knowledge of electrical service work, we can address the problems that you’re dealing with. Email us now for electrical repair services.