Your Power in Your Hands

Your Power in Your Hands

Upgrade your home with solar installation services in Bismarck, Mandan or Beulah, ND

Relying on an outdated energy grid puts your home at risk. Plus, you may not have any backup for when the power goes out. Oztech Electric is here to keep your lights on and your home running in Bismarck, Mandan or Beulah, ND. By coming to us for solar installation and generator installation services, you will have your home's power under your control.

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The solar power advantage

The benefits of solar cannot be overstated. Solar power allows you to:

  • Lower your energy costs
  • Do your part for the environment
  • Reduce your reliance on the energy grid

With solar energy powering your home, you’ll be able to effectively lower your carbon footprint. Moreover, you can connect your solar panels to a generator and power bank to power your home when you lose electricity. Contact us now to learn more about our solar installation services. We also offer inspections.